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Date : 13-07-05 14:39
Kim Jeong Hoon films "Her Legend"
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Actor Kim Jeong Hoon is finally coming back with the JTBC drama "Her Legend".
Pictures of the actor were posted online. He is either reading his script or looking at the camera
in a playful manner. Apparently he was nervous as it's his first come back in a long time. The
staff and crew made him comfortable.
Kim Jeong Hoon takes on the role of brainy and royal prince, Do Jin Hoo.
"Her Legend" is directed by Lee Seung Ryeol, also another director who hasn't come out with
anything for a while. This drama is about a woman and a man who have changed fates finding
 the truth and preciousness of life. To be aired on the 5th of August.
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